On Walking Away

How did I know it was time to walk away? When I felt I had no other option.

My pain and suffering became unbearable. Not only emotional pain like grief, stress, helplessness, anxiety and depression but physical like chest pain, stomach pain, head pain.

I became a shell. A skeleton of someone who might have been.

I was being attacked from everywhere with no possible way of healing if things stayed the way they were.

I needed to run.

Somewhere far away.

Away from constant emotional abuse, harassment and bullying. I needed to create enough distance so I could heal properly once and for all.

I saw an opportunity to escape and took it. I had 6 weeks to pack up my life and leave.

I did it. It sucked. But I did it.

It was necessary. Even though it hurt. It was necessary. It was right.

I realised that sometimes the decisions that hurt or have some sort of sacrifice with them, are the ones that are the most life changing and in turn, bring with them the most growth if you let them.

Bek x