Weight Neutral Goals for Health

As I mentioned in a previous post, I follow a weight-neutral approach with my clients. It is the most effective long term approach to health and wellness because of it’s attention to self awareness and in turn creates meaningful behaviour change.

Here are some other areas you could focus on to simply encourage movement in your life. There are many more, but you might find once you take the pressure off your body and weight and focus more on fun and pleasure.

  • Strength – following a programme to gradually increase how much weight you can move. This can be a combination of body weight exercises (think push ups, squats, lunges etc) and other resistance exercises with equipment.
  • Flexibility – how far you can move your body through a range of motion. (think how stiff or tight you are and how you can stretch your body)
  • Socialising – there is great value in choosing movement as a way to connect with others. Whether this is by a team activity or sport, or simply saying hello when you do your own thing at the gym or park.
  • Improved cardiovascular functioning – this is what people commonly mean when they say they want to feel ‘fitter’. They mean not getting so puffed when doing physical activity. The great news is, you can choose almost any activity that interests you to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Walking, skiing, swimming, dancing, yoga, exercise classes. cycling, volleyball, tennis, belly dancing, gymnastics, soccer. You can choose one or many.
  • Stress relief – incorporating physical activity can greatly assist with feelings of stress. Whether the choice of activity is an intense boxing session or a low key stretching session, the simple change in focus and energy can have huge benefits.

Is there anything on this list you can identify with?


Enjoy! x

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