What Is a Good Body Anyway?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the comment about someone having a ‘good’ body I would be a very rich woman! We talk about it in reference to others (‘She has such a good body‘ or ‘Wow, she’s looking good‘) and ourselves (‘I used to have a good body‘ or ‘I wish I had a good body‘).

We use the term good to cover aspects such as small, toned, thin, smooth and muscular. You know what that means right?? Well, that basically everything else (bigger, less toned, more body fat, cellulite, aging, disabilities, disfigurements etc) means bad.

On the surface the word may seem innocuous or innocent. An off-hand comment that ‘doesn’t mean anything’.

But it SO does!

It is extremely problematic to place something so complex as a human body into one or the category, both of which are full of subjective values.

Words are very powerful, not only when spoken out loud to others, but even to ourselves in our subconscious.

I am here to tell you that ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES. Even YOURS. Even NOW. Even if you are big, even if you are skinny, even if you have more body fat than ever before, even if you struggle to like or love the body you are in at the moment. It is STILL a GOOD body. Why???



It is the only one you have. Your body has told a story and lived with you your entire life.

I encourage you to think about how else can you think of your body and other’s bodies instead of good or bad? When it comes to yourself, how does your body FEEL? Does it feel healthy? If so…GREAT!! If not, what can you do to help your body feel healthier? Maybe it needs more (or perhaps less) physical activity or more (or perhaps less) water. Maybe your body needs kinder thoughts or less stress? Different foods? Different experiences?

As I said in a previous post, health is very hard to define and it does not hinge on what size you are or how much cellulite you have or how much muscle you don’t have etc. There are many aspects to health.

Try to not determine if other people’s bodies are good because of societal ideals, media, popularity and fads. There are heaps of different types of bodies, and that is what makes it pretty awesome!

Bek x




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