From Tennis to Trapeze – 50 Ways to Move Your Body!

I’ve complied a list of 50 different ways to move your body. When it comes to exercise, sometimes we think there is only ‘weights or cardio’! Let me tell you, there are so many other ways to move our bodies. Some fast, some slow, some gentle and some tough. And ALL of them are okay.

Some of these activities you can do at home in private, some with a friend and some in a group. Some activities are free and others might incur a cost. It is important to find something you enjoy and do that. It might be a combination of different activities or the same one, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and try new things.

Use this list if you are thinking of changing up your fitness regime, if you want to try something else or if you haven’t exercised for a while and want to know what’s out there.
1. Do some stretches
2. Try a Zumba class or hit up YouTube for online version
3. Walk around the block or find somewhere scenic like the bush or a park
4. Pump some iron and lift some weights
5. Do Yoga
6. Try Belly Dancing or maybe Pole Dancing
7. Find a boxing class to join or grab some gloves and pads and try it with a friend
8. Get on your bike and go for a ride somewhere, or head to the gym for a spin class
9. Use your body and try exercises like squats, lunges and push ups at home
10. Swim at home or a local pool or try Aquarobics
11. Give Pilates a go
12. Grab a friend and head to the tennis court or squash court to hit some balls to each other
13. Why not dance up a storm with a hip hop class
14. Head outdoors and give the garden a once over – mow, prune, plant
15. Grab a soccer ball and head to the park or join a team
16. Try horse riding for something different
17. Volleyball or beach volleyball
18. Get your skates on – roller blading or roller derby
19. Clean the house – inside and out
20. Ten pin bowling or lawn bowls
21. Have you tried paddleboarding
22. What about something new like Quidditch
23. Les Mills classes (like Pump, Combat, Attack, RPM etc) lots of variety in a group setting
24. Sex (yes really)
25. If you are near ice or a rink, try ice skating, ice hockey or even curling
26. Jump on the kids trampoline or head to a trampoline centre
27. Speaking of trampoline – have you tried gymnastics? Go to a beginners class
28. If you are near snow try skiing or snowboarding
29. Head to the park or around the block for a jogging session or intervals (run/walk)
30. Grab a hula hoop and move those hips
31. Abseiling and caving are both adventurous and active
32. Head to a court with a basketball and give it a go with a friend
33. Martial Arts – like Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu
34. Do you like nature? Try hiking/bushwalking
35. Crossfit is very popular way of improving your strength and fitness
36. For something calm and slow you could try some Tai Chi
37. Do you have kids or do you hang out with friends or family who have children? Next time you go to the playground, join in the games or just try the monkey bars for an upper body challenge
38. Go to a driving range and hit some golf balls
39. Head to water (lake, river or beach) and try canoeing or kayaking
40. Like the circus? Try a trapeze class or silks
41. Surf school!
42. Nintendo Wii Fit to do at home
43. Baseball/Softball – either with a team or with some friends
44. Rockclimbing at an indoor centre or find someone that does it outdoors
45. Walk your dog or someone elses
46. Volunteer with organisations and help in a building or cleaning project
47. Folk Dancing, Line Dancing, Irish Dancing, Ballet, Jazz
48. Steep driveways and steps or a nearby hill are great to walk up and down or run or lunge
49. Try some track and field or athletics activities
50. Find or buy a skipping rope and jump


This list is no means exhaustive, there are thousands of things to choose from. Next time you feel stuck in your regime, or even if you would like to explore different experiences, refer back to this list and expand your curiosity!


Good luck,

Bek x

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