I provide online health and fitness coaching and body image coaching. I can help you improve your healthy habits, your fitness, your confidence and your self esteem from the comfort and privacy of your home. I help you discover what areas of your life you would like to focus on and together each week we will explore how to make your goals come to life using my proven strategies and processes.

Is this personal training?
Yes and No! It can be, but is SO MUCH MORE! As a qualified personal trainer I will advise you on an exercise plan and write programmes for you if that is something you need.

Do you do face to face?
No. I conduct all my consultations online and via Skype

How are sessions conducted?
All consultations and sessions are online and via Skype.

Do you offer one off sessions?
Yes! After our 30min Free consultation you can book in for a one off 60min session. I also offer clients who have done coaching packages with me one off sessions as needed.

Do I get a diet plan?
No. My products and services are from a non-diet and weight-neutral perspective (see ‘what is HAES’?)

Is this a weight loss plan?
No. My products and services are from a non-diet and weight-neutral perspective (see ‘what is HAES’?)

What is HAES?
HAES stands for Health At Every Size® which is a set of principles for health and health care from a place of body respect .This brings a focus on healthy behaviours as opposed to weight loss and dieting for weight loss as the goal. It is a weight-neutral approach to health and wellness. Examples of healthy behaviours are joyful movement and eating with respect to your body’s internal cues, hunger, fullness, pleasure etc

So how is coaching different to counselling or personal training?
Think of me as a counsellor who is qualified to give you exercise advice or a personal trainer qualified to support you emotionally!

How is this different to a personal trainer?
My unique combination of skills, experience and knowledge brings a very different service that personal training alone does not match up. My clients learn that weight loss and dieting are not solutions to poor body image and low self esteem, but rather the answer lies in between self acceptance and self awareness and that we can be healthy and fit at every size.

Will I see results?
Like anything, it is not magic and if you are willing to do some work on yourself then you will definitely see improvements in all areas of your life

How will I know if we are a right fit?
Good question, it important for us both to fit which is why I get you to read this FAQ page first and offer a 30 min Free consultation. This gives us both the opportunity to discuss your needs and how I work to determine if we go ahead.

Who would benefit from your services?
Women who are stuck on the weight loss cycle and unsure how to get off without resorting to the next diet or exercise fad. Women who struggle with low self esteem and low body image. Women who prefer privacy and anonymity of having online sessions. Women who want to invest in themselves and wiling to work on a physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual level. Professional women or those who travel and do not have a regular place to call home or regular routine.

Who would not benefit?
People unwilling to invest money in themselves, people unwilling to do emotional work and those unwilling to be open minded and learn new things. I would also advise people suffering from an eating disorder to obtain qualified help prior to having sessions with me.


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